NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) — The unmistakable sounds of gunfire, around 12 shots, were picked up on a Vivint SmartHome Security System around 6:30 p.m. Tuesday.  

Newport News Police say bullets flew through the air around the 300 block of Deputy Lane in the Courthouse Green neighborhood.

That is a sound no one wants to hear near their home. The good news is no one was hurt. The bad news is no one has been arrested. 

Three videos from the Vivint show four masked men running back and forth; you can hear gunfire in rapid succession, then the men duck behind a white car. We don’t know what they heard, but whatever it was made them duck and cover. 

“I thought they were up to something with the masks on and everything,” George said as he explained his Vivint system that sees and hears all that appears in front of it with a very wide-angle field. 

“I was upstairs, and I heard some gunshots and then I came downstairs, and everyone was running around and seeing where the kids were,” said Jeanette who also heard the shots. “They were yelling for the kids.” 

“Every three or four days we hear gunfire, so this is nothing new. We call police, let them know what’s going on, they say, ‘yeah, we will send someone out.’” 

10 On Your Side went door-to-door getting reactions; however most weren’t home and many of those that were made it clear they’ve had enough. 

“We are moving. We are moving. Virginia is not where I want to be anymore. I don’t want my kids taking the trash out at night. We are very shaken up,” said one neighbor. 

10 On Your Side has learned that Newport News Police put up a camera, that was working Tuesday night. The Courthouse Green Neighborhood will be the next to get ShotSpotter Technology.