NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) — 10 On Your Side has revealed the heartbreaking scenes outside Seaview Lofts apartments as residents have been forced to relocate. The interior of the apartment, which was previously occupied by a 44-year-old tenant who has lived in two units in the building since 2011, tells another story.

“The whole winter we didn’t have heat and in the summertime, no A.C.,” said Tanya Wade, who has a catalog of complaints. She’s living in a hotel while the owner is under court order to make repairs.

“I done got burned because my cold water was scorching hot. One time I was in the shower and I guess they cut the cold water while I was in the shower,” said Wade.

Images she shared with 10 On Your Side include what she says is mold and stained carpet that she was reportedly told would not be replaced until she moves out.

She adds that plumbing issues are routine in the highrise, which was built in the 1970s. Wade explained, “They are always talking about they have to do something with water, it’s always something with the water”.

This former shipyard worker appears to be the picture of health, but a letter to the landlord from her cardiologist tells a different story. Wade has congestive heart failure and has been concerned about her health while living in the apartment building.

“My cardiologist has sent all of them a letter saying it’s a real high risk for me because the normal heart is like a 60 to 65 percent and my heart is only at 18 percent. They said I can go into cardiac arrest that’s why they have the defibrillator put in,” said Wade.

Regina Mobley: Do you have any confidence that this building will be safe for you even if they fix the elevators?

Tanya Wade: I understand that’s one of the issues that they are concerned about, but it’s deeper than the elevators.

The owner has been found in contempt of court for failing to make improvements. He’s due back in court on July 14. 10 On Your Side has reached out to the apartment management for a response to Wade’s complaints.