VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – In the aftermath of a man who died after a shootout with police during a barricade situation in the 1900 block of Decathlon Drive near Killey Street in the Lake Placid neighborhood of Virginia Beach, neighbors shared what they knew about the man and what happened.

On Wednesday, police identified the man who died as 48-year-old Craig Byl.

Virginia Beach Police said 9-1-1 was called, and when police showed up around 9:30 p.m., they described it as a barricade situation, with the man apparently threatening harm to himself and others. Neighbors who knew the man said he had been in an argument with his wife.

Police established contact with him by repeatedly telling him to come out of the house with his hands up, according to the man’s neighbors, who told 10 On Your Side that police used bean bags and paint balls to subdue him, though police have said only that they used less-lethal munitions.

After all was over, police said they found the suspect inside the front door of the residence where he was found dead.

It is unknown currently if his death was self-inflicted or from police gunfire. The Norfolk Medical Examiner’s Office will work to determine that. Police say the four officers who discharged their weapons during the incident have been placed on administrative leave.

A neighbor who did not want to be identified, knew the man well and was out in the neighborhood Monday night.

“He was sitting on the front porch, and he was in the red chair talking to police,” the neighbor said. “He went and grabbed a beer a couple of minutes before, came back out on the porch had the gun in his mouth before he cracked his beer and then police tried to talk him down.”

Evidence markers were in numerous locations in front of 1953 Decathlon Drive, and the front window was riddled with what police call less lethal munitions.

Neighbors think the man was angry and had been drinking, been in an argument that night .

The neighbor who didn’t want to be identified said “look, (he) gets angry real fast, and he will slip out, and that’s what happened. I’ve know him 30 years, I’ve had arguments back and forth with him.”

10 On Your Side viewed video where the man came out on the porch, fell to the ground then crawled back into the house.

“He was laying on the doorway of his front porch step and the screen was open,” a neighbor said, “and it was open when he was talking to the officers, and then he crawled back in, and that is what made them start firing.”

Neighbors also said the man used the upstairs window as a vantage point to fire back.

“He had had enough,” a neighbor said. “He crawled back in, slammed the door and started shooting from the top window.”

Police report the suspect was armed with a shotgun he put under his chin.

John and Vicky Bishop live across the street.

They saw the man Sunday and he wanted to help them.

“He was a helpful guy,” John Bishop said. “He came by, ‘Hey John, do you need some help?’ I said no brother, I got it covered. He said if you need me come and get me and he had boat problem before I worked on his boat.”

10 On Your Side was there when police towed away the man’s car. They also towed a police cruiser.

“I just want to thank the Virginia Beach police officers,” Vicky Bishop said. “They truly did an amazing job.”