NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – The clock is ticking for the Military Circle Mall in Norfolk.

It closes on Tuesday to the public, but businesses have until Feb. 15 to move out.

One business in the mall, a non-profit aimed at increasing literacy across Hampton Roads, didn’t have the resources necessary to relocate.

That’s when a local hero stepped in to help them turn the next page.

“This help has been tremendous in helping us get over to our new location to start our next chapter,” said REACH Executive Director Dr. Jennifer Goff.

Although the heroes you see here aren’t wearing capes, Harrison’s by Apple Moving is using their super powers to load up boxes of books and get them across the street to the new REACH headquarters.

“The cost that’s associated with moving this type of operation is something we weren’t prepared for, so this has been a life raft that has been given to us,” Goff said.

REACH is a literacy non-profit that operates the Big Free Bookstore inside Military Circle Mall.

It works to get books into the hands of thousands of kids each year.

It was forced to find a new home when the mall announced its closure. And while they were able to find a new space, they didn’t have the money to get there, so that’s when Harrison’s came to the rescue.

“At Harrison’s we’re a very family-oriented company,” said Rudy Wilson, a driver and project manager for the company. “We do whatever we can to help the community.”

Wilson said helping an organization that works to get free books into the hands of local kids is a story he can get behind.

“I was one of those kids a long time ago where I didn’t have things like books and stuff other than at school, so this is very satisfying,” said Wilson.

Pallet by pallet they go, wrapping, taping and loading on up.

REACH volunteer Harrell Peterson said this is a huge help.

“With their ability to move the pallets,” said Peterson, “it’s going to make a tremendous difference for us.”

Knowing no matter where they are, they’ll be able to REACH children and provide resources to unlock new chapters in their lives.

“Without them, I don’t know where we would be,” Goff said, “so we don’t know how to say thank you because there aren’t words to express it.”

Harrison’s By Apple Moving is helping to get the bulk of the books over to REACH’s new headquarters, but the non-profit will still have some more boxes to get over there next week.

Want to help?

If you’d like to help with REACH’s move, or if you’d like to help with its mission to get more free books into the hands of local kids, visit their website or email REACH Assistant Director Leslie Clarridge at