NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Drivers in Hampton Roads are becoming frustrated with large groups on dirt bikes and ATVs blocking roadways and stopping traffic.

Norfolk city leaders say it isn’t a new problem. It’s been discussed with city council, police and the city manager.

The problem is police reportedly told council these groups aren’t local and happen to pass through an area and then disappear.

Melissa Hall lives in Norfolk and works for DoorDash. She was on her way to drop off an order Sunday when all of a sudden, a large group on four wheelers and dirt bikes took over Little Creek Road.

“There was at least 40 or 50. There was a good bit, enough for me to stay still until they were out of the way,” Hall explained, “They were doing wheelies and I mean I thought it was cool, but then I started getting a little bit nervous because the light turned red and they just kept going.”

Hall told 10 On Your Side a lot of her friends ride motorcycles and she has respect for them on the road, but this group was different, blowing through red lights and driving recklessly.

“I was like ‘oh please dear Jesus don’t let one of them fall, don’t let somebody hit them.’ What if there’s kids? You just don’t know. I’ve just never seen it on such a small road,” Hall stated.

Hank Hayes of Intuitive Self-Protection said Hall did the right thing by stopping and putting space between herself and the group.

“Creating space either in front or behind gives you time to make a decision,” Hayes said.

Hayes explained while it can be frustrating as a driver following the rules of the road to encounter such a group, keep a cool head.

“Never stop the car and get out of the car; now we’re in a really bad position. An easy target is a non-moving target. A hard target is one that is,” Hayes stated.

At the end of the day Hall doesn’t want anyone to get hurt.

“I get you want to have fun. Pick a desolate road or something, not a main highway where there’s children and families that could potentially lose their life over this,” Hall concluded.

If you encounter a large group being reckless on the road, call police.