JAMES CITY COUNTY, Va. (WAVY) — Virginia State Police have arrested two men who escaped a Virginia psychiatric hospital over the weekend.

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State police said one of the two escapees, 31-year-old Austin Preston Leigh, was taken into custody Sunday evening without incident in Chesapeake. He is being held at Chesapeake City Jail with no bond. 

The second man, 29-year-old Bryant Marcus Wilkerson, was arrested in Norfolk on Hardy Avenue Thursday afternoon.

Police said Sunday afternoon that the pair had escaped from Eastern State Hospital in Williamsburg, but said in an update on Monday that the breakout actually happened Saturday night.

We are still learning more regarding the incident, including the exact time the two escaped from the facility.

Although Leigh told state police that he did not know Wilkerson, troopers say it appears the two men, both convicted felons, damaged an interior wall at Eastern State before making their escape.

State police said after clearing the house on Hardy Avenue, authorities attempted to identity the occupants of the residence. Police said Wilkerson allegedly attempted to give false information and give incorrect names. However, Norfolk police were able to get his correct name.

Wilkerson also had a firearm concealed on his person, police said.

In Thursday’s incident, Wilkerson was charged with possession of a firearm by a violent felon, concealing a firearm and providing false information. He’s being held at Norfolk City Jail without bond.

Previously, Wilkerson had been taken into custody following an armed robbery and police chase that began in North Carolina and ended in Chesapeake.

Additional warrants for failure to appear on grand larceny in Chesapeake and two Virginia Beach warrants for probation violations were served on Wilkerson Thursday.

Hardy Avenue incident April 21, 2022. (WAVY photo/Drew Robinson)

Two Williamsburg residents on Sunday spoke about the incident. They were at the park across from Eastern State Hospital. 

Many were surprised to hear about the escape. 

“I never thought about people escaping before,” said Dominic Ribock.

Ribock was at the skatepark with Paul Barrientos when they found out.

“I assumed they were more protective than that. I didn’t think it could happen,” Barrientos said about the facility. “I don’t think I’m going to stay out tonight. Probably going to go home pretty early.”

The incident remains under investigation and

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