Daniel Warren

SMITHFIELD — It’s a long road to recovery for 14 year old Daniel Warren. Almost two weeks ago, a hit-and-run crash in Isle of Wight County, near Smithfield, seriously injured the teen. Now, he’s on the mend and his family needs your help.

In the overnight hours of Saturday Nov. 4, Alice Carpenter got a phone call no one wants.

“And I’m like, ‘Oh my God, how can someone hit a person and, you know, just keep going,'” said Carpenter in a phone interview with 10 On Your Side.

Her grandson Danny had been hit by a Nissan Rogue while walking his bike down Benn’s Church Boulevard. Police said the driver took off, leaving Warren in a state of semi-consciousness.

“And I thank God every day he did have his cell phone and he called 911 and there was a state trooper who was right there,” she said. “Because, he was like, in the median. No one would have seen him.”

Daniel was rushed to Riverside Regional with life-threatening injuries: several broken bones, bruised lungs and possible kidney damage.

“And I kept praying, Lord, please, no. Let him be OK,” she said. “I can’t lose my baby because the kids, they’re my life. Literally, I love them more than my own life.”

She describes him as a teenager who shows an amazing level of concern and love for everyone around him.

“This kid will tell me he loves me every time he walks, like if he walks to the kitchen, ‘I love you, grandma,'” she said. “And then, if he walks back, it’s the first thing he says is ‘I love you.’ I mean, he loves everybody. He’s just the sweetest thing.”

His family is very relieved now as he recovers, but it’s a long road ahead for them all, having a lot to be thankful for this season.

“It’s just going to be a long road,” she said.

With the holidays coming up, this family needs help with those hospital bills. A friend of theirs has set up a GoFundMe account. Click here to donate.