CARROLLTON, Va. (WAVY) — A single-story home in Carrollton was supposed to be the forever home for Charlitta Knightnor and her husband Maurice Doctor.

Charlitta was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis shortly after the birth of her daughter 10 years ago. But what happened at the home on the night of January 20, 2022, could haunt this family forever.

“Prayer, prayer, prayer that’s all I can do,” said Charlitta, who sat in her home surrounded by moving boxes that contain clothing and scores of framed photos that captured the life she used to know. She is preparing to move with her children — ages 10, 11 and 15 — but their destination is unknown.

The home, which she beautifully decorated with red, black and gray accessories, went into foreclosure after her husband was allegedly stabbed to death at the hands of his mother-in-law, 69-year-old Theresa Knightnor. Charlitta and her children witnessed the domestic dispute that involved the senior Knightnor, her daughter and her son-in-law. The grandmother often visited the family home to assist the children as they prepared for a bus ride to school.

“Things just went too far; it was just an accident,” said Charlitta. Prosecutors initially charged Theresa with second-degree murder, but the case was later upgraded to first-degree murder. A jury trial date is set for the morning of Oct. 2.

Charlitta Knightnor: Me and the kids can’t talk to her until the trial is over.

Regina Mobley: Who told you that?

Charlitta Knightnor: The judge.

Regina Mobley: So you are under a judge’s orders to cease all communications with your mother at a time when you need her most?

Charlitta Knightnor: Yes, she just was in the hospital and we couldn’t even go see her. She had a blood clot on her lung.

Charlitta told 10 On Your Side that her family had not been visited by social workers from local agencies. Charlitta also, originally, said she hadn’t received services from the state’s Victim-Witness Assistance Program, which is administered by local prosecutors. A spokesperson from the Isle of Wight County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office disputed Charlitta’s claims.

Leah Hampton-Bilal, the director of the Isle of Wight Victim Witness Program, said the family’s claim that it received no services from the program “is a false, uncorroborated statement, and is falsely disparaging of a government agency.”

She provided this statement to WAVY TV:

We have reached out to the family, provided services as requested and continue to support and communicate with the family regarding any updates in the case.

Although Victim Witness Programs do not have monetary resources available to them to assist crime victims, we have a host of agencies that we can refer a victim to in hopes they can receive assistance.

Isle of Wight County Victim Witness Services, which also includes a Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Advocate, are dedicated in assisting crime victims in our community.

Leah Hampton-Bilal, Director, Certified Advocate

After speaking with Hampton-Bilal on the phone on Aug. 25, Charlitta said she remembered receiving the phone call, but didn’t understand the director was trying to help.

“I remember her voice from when she called me in January shortly after the murder,” Charlitta said, and explained she was overwhelmed following the death of her husband and arrest of her mother. “I didn’t know what Victim-Witness was, so I never called her back. I would have never turned down help had I known Victim-Witness could help me. I would have never waited had I known what [the program] was.”

With death and disability benefits combined, Charlitta said she gets $2,200 per month in assistance and $320 dollars per month in SNAP benefits. She’s preparing to move into a hotel while on a waitlist for affordable housing.

Charlitta offered an appeal to the people of Hampton Roads, as she has established a GoFundMe page to help with mounting expenses.

“We are going to be homeless on the 31st of August,” said Charlitta while fighting off tears. “If there’s any way you can help us, just asking, if you can help us, anything, thank you.”