ISLE OF WIGHT COUNTY, Va. (WAVY) — Two Isle of Wight County School Board members have announced they are leaving their seats on the board — one has resigned, and another will finish the year but not seek re-election.

Both announcements came Thursday night at the Isle of Wight School Board meeting.

School Board Member Julia Perkins, who was not in attendance at the meeting, submitted a letter of resignation Thursday night that was read after the meeting’s public comment period.

During the same meeting, School Board Chair Jackie Carr also announced she will not be seeking re-election, but will finish her term that ends on Dec. 31. Carr submitted a letter that was read at the end of the meeting announcing the news.

The letter announcing Perkins’ resignation was read by Carr about one and a half hours into the meeting.

The letter states, in part: “Dear fellow Isle of Wight School Board members. It is with mixed emotions that I am resigning from my position on the Isle of Wight school board. Being a teacher has been my life’s work. And I am grateful for the honor of serving on the board with you as my colleagues. I know that you will continue our important work serving the best interest of the wonderful students, families, teachers, administrators and staff for our district. I feel it is time for me to retire from being a board member, just as it was once time for me to retire from teaching that I loved so much.”

Julia Perkins letter read on Oct. 14

Perkins was elected to represent the school board’s Windsor district in November 2011,

At the end of the meeting, after Perkins’ resignation, Carr discussed how the school board does not choose what books are approved or put in libraries. She then read her letter, which stated:

“Serving on the school board for almost five years has been both an honor and a privilege. And while the past 18 months have been quite challenging, I never shy away from a challenge. I have always given any job I have done 100%. And at one time, deep down, I truly enjoyed the hard work that came along with the school board. That’s no longer the case. And as I reflect, I find that over the past few months, the things that should have come first in my life, I’ve allowed to take a back seat to the school board. One thing I don’t want to be is a politician and because politics has crept its way into our school, this seat is no longer where I want to be. This past month, I was very sick with COVID and I had much time to rethink my priorities. Life is short and no one is promised tomorrow. I know that quite well, as my husband passed away with absolutely no warning. I will no longer allow my faith and family to take a back seat to school board obligations and time commitments. I have chosen to live my last days happy with my faith and my family and my health being where they need to be — my top priorities. I can’t begin to thank enough all the supporters that have been by my side, and it literally crushes my heart to even think that I’ll be disappointing many. While I will complete my term through the 2021, tonight, I officially announce the withdrawal of my name in running for the school board in this November election. Those who contributed to my campaign will receive your donations back. I know who you are and I have your addresses. The necessary candidate withdrawal form has been submitted.
And with that, our meeting is adjourned.”

Jackie Carr’s letter read on Oct. 14

A list of local candidates for the November 2021 election showed Carr was running for re-election for the Carrsville seat on the school board.

John W. Collick Jr. is also running for the Carrsville seat.

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