(WAVY) – The rise of technology has made it easier than ever for kids to spend hours in front of a screen, but with help, it can be easier for parents to help curb their time on it.

Cleveland Clinic Dr. Noah Schwartz advises parents to set specific times where phones are not allowed – such as an hour before bed or during dinner.

He said the TV shouldn’t be on as background noise if no one is watching it.

Schwartz suggests turning it off so children don’t think that it’s always a good time to watch something.

The biggest key, he said, is for parents to be a role model for their kids. If they see their parents on the phone, they will want to be on it as well.

Schwartz has said previously that there is a difference between FaceTiming grandparents versus watching TV, playing video games, using a computer or engaging with an app on a smartphone.

He said younger kids, in particular, need back-and-forth interaction, and kids under two don’t benefit much from screen time just watching TV because, developmentally, he said it’s about watching their environment and looking for a responsive, emotional connection, which doesn’t much happen when watching TV or playing a video game.