NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) — Homeless for the holidays.

It’s been more than five months since people living at a now-condemned Newport News apartment building were forced out of their homes with two days notice. With the holidays now here, many residents of the Seaview Lofts apartments tell us they still don’t have a home to gather their families at for Christmas.

“Every day is hard. Every day. And it’s worse when it’s getting cold,” said Nathan Robinson, who has been living out of his car since he was forced out of the building on July 1.

“When your feet get cold, everything else gets cold,” he said. “I’m uncomfortable. It’s hard on the body. And it’s cold.”

Robinson said he typically sleeps in the driver seat, with the seat all the way reclined.

“I cover up with blankets,” he said. “Sometimes I turn [the heat] on to keep it warm, and then I cut it off when I go to sleep.”

In August, Ben Weinstein, the building’s landlord, began receiving fines of $1,000 per day. The fines are to continue until repairs are made to get the building up to code.

While some progress has been made, unresolved HVAC issues and other problems prevent the building from being deemed safe. Weinstein or his lawyers continually update the court on their progress. But as the legal battle continues, residents say it’s hard to stay hopeful.

“You see people out there homeless, never say that it will never be you,” said Tanya Wade, who lived at the Seaview Lofts for more than 10 years before the condemnation.

Like Robinson, Wade has also been living out of her car, except on the rare nights when she can afford a hotel room. She said the situation is hardest this time of year.

“Not being able to buy gifts for your loved ones,” Wade said. “I still need my other money for car payments, car insurance, all the other bills I still have to pay,” she said.

Weinstein is currently facing two lawsuits from residents. One of them asks for up to $250,000 in damages for more than 50 plaintiffs. The filings are currently being mediated.

“We continue to negotiate, but a settlement is not imminent,” said Len Bennett, who is representing the residents.

A 10 On Your Side investigation previously found that Weinstein was made aware of safety issues at the apartments shortly after he first purchased the property in 2020.

“I hope he sleeps good at night knowing that he’s able to celebrate the holidays with his family and sleep in a warm bed at night,” Wade said, “while there’s people out here that can’t be with family, or are sleeping in the car.”