Hazy sky in Hampton Roads due to smoke from wildfires on West Coast, weather service says

Local News

WAKEFIELD, Va. (WAVY) — The effects of wildfires raging across the West Coast are showing up in Hampton Roads and other areas hundreds of miles away.

The National Weather Service’s Wakefield office says smoke from the fires out West is being picked up by the jet stream, causing haziness and milkiness in the sky.

NWS says the haziness may increase later Tuesday in Hampton Roads. The smoke was first visible Monday night.

A map of the smoke showed Hampton Roads in lighter conditions early Tuesday morning, but yellow and red areas indicating heavier conditions are expected to come through. The smoke will be well up in the atmosphere, NWS says.

However the smoke is directly affecting people on the ground out West, with dangerous smog conditions considered among the worst in the world, according to measurements. Some areas are not expected to see relief until October.

As of Monday night, at least 35 deaths were attributed to the nearly three dozen fires across California, Oregon and Washington state, with thousands of people displaced and more than 1,100 homes destroyed.

The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection says more than 3.2 million acres have burned in the state alone since the beginning of the year. That’s larger than Connecticut. And more than 1 million acres have burned in Oregon, double what it sees in the entirety of an average wildfire season, Oregon’s Congressional delegation said.