HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) — There’s power in purpose. That’s what is motivating leaders in the Williamsburg-James City Country public school district as they roll up their sleeves for a week of community service before kids come back to class next month.

“I think when you give back, you feel you’ve given something to the community and I think you feel better yourself,” WJCC School’s Superintendent, Dr. Olwen Herron told WAVY.

On Monday morning, principals, administrators and other school leaders met at the Virginia Peninsula Foodbank to pack grocery bags with canned goods that just might end up in the backpacks of some of their own students.

The foodbank hands out 300 backpack bags a week to students during the 10-week summer period. They pack about 1,500 backpacks a week during the school year.

“A lot of children don’t eat very well after they leave school on Friday until they get that free breakfast on Monday,” Virginia Peninsula Foodbank Chief Executive Officer, Karen Joyner told WAVY.

WJCC school leaders will spend this week volunteering 200 hours at 10 different locations.

“Gratitude is our attitude for the year!” Herron said.

She hopes it might also inspire others. The Foodbank is currently at its lowest level for food supplies since February 2019 and Joyner said they need donations and volunteers.

“To do everything we do on a monthly basis, we need 800 volunteers working three hours a piece to get all the jobs done,” Joyner said.

That’s a lot of opportunity to fill empty stomachs and produce positivity in the community. Click here if you would like to help.