HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) – It was in January 2022 when Hampton Councilman Chris Bowman admits he used the services of a prostitute at a Newport News hotel. In Hampton General District Court Monday, witness number one in the prosecution’s case against 33-year-old Michael Brown was Chris Bowman himself who provided details on what happened in the hotel room.

“Protected sex” is how Bowman described the oral sex that was provided by the woman he met through Facebook. He gave her money and returned to his car only to learn his cell phone, city identification badge and the registration for his car were missing.

Bowman told the court he replaced the missing phone with a new cell phone but used the same number as the phone that was missing. That’s when text messages and phone calls started flowing into the new phone.

One message read: “We have your cell phone, Mr. Bowman, and we would like to talk about that.”

Bowman with private investigators tagging along met a man, later identified as Michael Brown of Hampton, at the Sentara Careplex. Bowman eventually turned over $12,000 for the phone, which he later destroyed.

WAVY’s Regina Mobley caught up with the Hampton Councilman outside court.

Regina Mobley: How can you face your constituents after admitting that you used the services of a prostitute? That’s a crime.

Chris Bowman: I’d rather not comment on that.

Regina Mobley: Do you plan to remain on the city council?

Chris Bowman: Yes.

Randy Bowman, no relation, recently announced an effort to recall the councilman. When 10 On Your Side questioned the councilman about the recall effort, Bowman was noncommittal.

“The recall process is a process the Hampton citizens can utilize; we’ll just have to wait and see the outcome,” said Bowman.

The class 5 felony case against Brown will be presented to a Grand Jury next month. His next court date, in Circuit Court, is set for December 8.

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