HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) — A Hampton Police sergeant faced her attacker in a Hampton District court Tuesday.

After a long delay of trying to get a signal from the jail, Christopher Clayton Rice suddenly popped up on a TV screen. In the courtroom, sat Sgt. Katherine Novak. 

This was a preliminary hearing determining whether the case should go to a grand jury for a trial date set for July 25. 

10 On Your Side did not hear from Rice, but Sgt. Novak recounted in detail what she says happened.  

It began January 4 at Wynne Ford on Mercury Blvd. Police were called for a man trespassing on the property. 

Officers called the Sgt. Novak to the dealership after the man, later identified as Rice, was seen walking back and forth being aggressive and carrying an aluminum bat.  

On the stand Tuesday, she told how Rice had the bat in his left hand as she approached him,  

“I know he could hear me because I said something, and he looked at me. I was trying to stay calm. I slowly moved in, and I had the thought I had to get the bat out of his left hand, he had the bat in his left hand I grabbed it, and he switched it to his right hand. I was saying ‘no, no, no’ trying to get the bat out of the left hand. 

“He then switched it over to the right hand and swung the bat at my head striking me in the left temple and above the left ear.” 

“When he hit my head, everything went black. I panicked and went down, and while I was on the ground, I could hear officers firing their guns…there was a lot of blood.” 

Rice was shot a couple of times with one shot going through his leg.   

Cameras were not allowed in court, but pictures of Novak after the attack were admitted as evidence. The pictures were graphic showing dried blood on her face, a picture of two staples in her head, and her hair was matted with blood.  

Rice is charged with malicious wounding against a police officer and trespassing. He faces mandatory 2 years with a maximum of 20 years if convicted.  

The case will go to a grand jury with a trial date set for July 25. 

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