HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) — A U.S. Navy officer is accused of killing his pregnant girlfriend after officials say she refused to get an abortion.

According to a court affidavit, Raquiah King’s mother received a picture of a sonogram from her daughter on July 20 depicting she [Raquiah] was pregnant with a 12-week-old baby.

King also texts her cousin that same day that she was about to have an abortion.

King mentioned to her mother there was a strain in the relationship with Emmanuel Coble, a junior grade lieutenant in the U.S. Navy, and told her mother if something were to happen to her, Coble was responsible.

King and Coble went together to Planned Parenthood on Newtown Road, and Coble was to pay for the abortion.

However, King changed her mind, and did not have an abortion.

Coble would later tell detectives he took her back to her Hampton apartment he rented to her, but says she later moved out, and he did not see her after that.

The day after they were at Planned Parenthood, King’s naked body was found with a gunshot in the back, concealed in the brush along Winns church road in Hanover County outside Richmond.

Hampton Police then reached out to the Hanover Sheriff’s Office and said they had a missing person.

The focus of the investigation centered on Coble.

On August 5, Coble would tell detectives at his Newport News apartment that King told him the child was his and would admit that he was frustrated by her decision not to terminate the pregnancy, but had not seen her.

However, detectives asked Coble why his car was shown on a surveillance system at 4:44 a.m. the day King was found dead. Coble says no, and no one else drives his car, and he doesn’t know why.

He says he was asleep in his apartment.

That statement would lead the detective to seize Coble’s car, and that would unravel everything according to the court document.

After that statement, the detective got a search warrant for Coble’s car. The car would be processed with a spray chemical in the trunk that detected blood, and they recovered a hair band with hair in it that also matched a hair band found on the victim’s wrist during the autopsy.

Perhaps the clearest element of the investigation is this:

The detective also got a search warrant for Coble’s cell phone on the morning King was found dead which showed his location.

  • 1:24 am, Coble’s cell phone leaves King’s apartment
  • 2:54 am, Coble’s cell phone is now in the area of Winns’ Church Road where the body would be found
  • 3:08 am, the cell phone leaves Winns’ Church Road
  • 4:47 am, the cell phone is now back at Coble’s apartment on Adams Drive