HAMPTON, Va (WAVY)– Gun crimes are up across the country. More people are getting hurt and killed and more people are left with collateral damage.

One such victim, a 72-year-old woman from Hampton, called 10 On Your Side asking where is justice for people like her — dealing with bullet holes and big bills?

There are four bullet holes in Milmer Little’s car and one in her house. Little tells 10 On Your Side there have been four shootings on her street in less than a year.

‘The first time, they shot up just the glass part of my car,” she said.

That night the glass shattered, she and her sister were inside caring for their mother on hospice.

“She said get down! Get down! Cause she heard the gunshots and they shot all up on the house.”

Later that night, Little told 10 On Your Side, her Mom passed away.

Little was left with a broken heart and then got socked with a big bill for window repairs.

“I’m 72 years old. I should not have to go through this in my own house. It’s not right, I’m tired,” Little said as she started to tear up.

Three months later more gunshots. This time, a bullet hit the car’s brake line.

“When I got to the corner I just had to make a quick turn because I couldn’t stop it,” Little recalled.

She got the brakes fixed but has no money to make the other repairs.

Police said if they catch the criminals maybe she can get restitution to which she said, “How they gonna get them young boys to pay restitution? If they were going to pay for something, they wouldn’t be out here shootin’ stuff!”

Little wants to know what’s out there for people like her? Innocent victims pay for other people’s crimes.

“I’m hurt — I’m definitely hurt and it’s not right. I pay taxes and I gotta be responsible for something that somebody else does to me. It’s not right!”

Little has liability insurance only, so she’s not covered for the damage.

Police tell 10 On Your Side that they are aware of the shootings and have stepped up patrols on Kelly Avenue.