HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) — The mother of a missing Hampton boy has silently waited for news of her son’s safe return for 11 days, but that good news has yet to come in the case of Codi Bigsby.

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The 4-year-old was reported missing by his father to the Hampton Police Division on Jan. 31. The HPD immediately launched a massive search for Codi that included first responders, the Virginia Department of Emergency Management, the FBI, and community volunteers.

The HPD says the search is ongoing, but has transitioned into an “investigative phase.” Codi remains missing.

Early on in the investigation, Hampton Police Chief Mark Talbot told the public that he considered both of Codi’s parents to be persons of interest;” however, he’s since cleared Codi’s mother. The department’s investigation has focused in on his 43-year-old father, Cory Bigsby. As a result of the investigation, Bigsby was charged with seven counts of felony child neglect after he allegedly told investigators he left his four small children, including Codi, home alone in December and January with no way to contact emergency services.

10 On Your Side investigators have reviewed court records, which show the neglect charges are not directly related to Codi being missing.

Codi’s mother has participated in the investigation and answered the police department’s questions, but she had not addressed the public. That changed on Thursday when she released a statement through a family spokesperson exclusively to 10 On Your Side investigators. We are releasing Codi’s mother’s statement in full, but have chosen not to name her because she is not a suspect in this case:

“At this present time, I do not wish to take part in any telephone, television or social media interviews. My reluctance is based on the upcoming trial and the questions asked are questions that will be addressed in court. In addition, I have been advised by legal counsel not to address the public. However, I would like to speak to the support of the community. I sincerely appreciate all the volunteers, rescue workers, police, FBI, news reporters, the community at large, family, friends, and everyone who is showing love and support for Codi. It truly warms my heart. I am praying for the safe return of my baby boy, Codi. I hope the public and the community understand and respect my position during this tragic time.”

Codi’s mother, via family spokesperson

Talbot gave a brief update on the case to Hampton City Council on Wednesday. He said that “the evidence about what likely occurred” to Codi “has been very clear” since day one of the department’s investigation; however, police continue to vigorously search for answers.

“We’ve tried hard to avoid a search for a 4-year-old boy and in a tragedy, an unmitigated tragedy, we didn’t want it to become a sideshow,” Talbot said. “We will continue to work and do everything we possibly can to figure out what happened to this child. We will leave no stone unturned. We have not stopped since day one. We have continued to follow the evidence.”

Bigsby remains in custody on the child neglect charges after a Hampton Juvenile Domestic Relations Court judge denied him bond on Tuesday. Bigsby was transferred to the Hampton Roads Regional Jail in Portsmouth on Thursday morning where he has been placed in quarantine, according to jail spokesperson Sharon Scott.

“He will be assigned to housing within the next 20 days, depending on the results of his COVID test,” Scott told 10 On Your Side investigators in an email.

Attorney Jeffrey Ambrose is representing Bigsby in the child neglect case and has filed an appeal on the judge’s bond decision. The appeal hearing is scheduled for Feb. 25 in Hampton Circuit Court. In a phone call with 10 On Your Side investigators, Ambrose said he is hopeful that Bigsby will be released so he can assist in the search for his son.