HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) — A woman on the Peninsula says there’s a problem with dogs in her neighborhood.

She says three dogs have attacked her and her neighbors several times this year — in April, and again this month.

Animal services have been involved since the beginning — which the woman says is important and she’s glad about — but she questions what can be done if the attacks keep happening.

The woman who spoke with 10 On Your Side’s Tamara Scott Wednesday asked to stay anonymous, but says these issues for her started back in April one day when she was walking on her street on Colonial Avenue.

“As I passed this residence, three dogs just [came] out and start[ed] to attack. I yell[ed] for help, I asked for help, I said please come and get your dogs. From there, the dog jumped up and attacked me,” she said.

Photos provided to 10 On Your Side show spots where the woman was injured.

“I had dog bites, and I still have permanent marks on my arm and leg from the dog bites, but the pain was so severe,” she said.

The woman called animal control, and the owner was charged with dog at-large while attacking.

She says that wasn’t the last time she was attacked by dogs from that residence. This week, on Monday, she saw another woman get attacked.

“I saw this young woman walking down the street with her dogs and the next thing I know I heard her yelling and screaming ‘Help, help, I need some help, the dogs, help me,'” she said.

10 On Your side also spoke with that woman. She says only her dogs sustained injuries.

Hampton Police confirm they were called out for an incident.

Going forward, the first woman is just concerned about safety.

“I fear somebody is going to get killed or a child is going to be hurt. Or another adult would be hurt or sustain injuries worse than my injuries,” she said.

Hampton Police say someone was charged following the incident on Monday, and two summons were taken out for dog attacking while at-large.

The first woman is asking for the dogs to be removed or more action to be taken on the owners. According to Hampton Police, animal control cannot impound dogs upon first contact or first offense.

If police encounter the animal while they’re off their own property, they can bring them in but not impound them. Only after three incidents of an animal being “at-large” can animal control impound the canine.

Hampton Police say the incident is still under investigation.