HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) — A local organization is working to turn anger into votes.

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Roughly 50 people sat in the sanctuary of the Canaan Baptist Church on Monday night to be a part of the Hampton NAACP chapter’s civil rights rally.

Gaylene Kanoyton, the NAACP Hampton Roads Region Vice President with the Hampton City Branch, said it was as much as a “get out the vote” rally as it was a rally against the Supreme Court’s decision reversing Roe v. Wade.

She said the decision will have a domino effect.

“Roe v. Wade overturned has opened the door to rolling back voting rights, civil rights, civil liberties and the list can go on,” she said.

She worries the United States will go backward unless people of all ages show up to vote.

“It is so important that we turn people out to vote this November,” she added. “And the next four years to come.”  

Kanoyton has also been a advocate for gun reform.

Over the weekend, President Joe Biden signed the Safer Communities Act. It provides grants for red flag laws, enhances background checks, and closes the boyfriend loophole.

However, it does not ban assault weapons and requires background checks for all gun purchases.

“There hasn’t been a change in 30 years. So, we don’t want another 30 years for this to happen,” she told 10 On Your Side. “It’s a start to having safe gun laws, but we need more.”