HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) — A Hampton community is on edge after a barrage of bullets damaged several homes early Thursday morning.

No one was hurt but neighbors are desperate for answers as the investigation continues.

Police tell us three houses and a car were struck by bullets. One man was sitting in his recliner when a bullet landed just inches above his head.

“Sounded like explosives going off in my front yard,” said John Limandri, who lives on Addison Road.

Limandri was asleep in his recliner when one bullet whizzed past his head and another came within two feet of his leg. He called police just before 1:30 a.m. Thursday.

“It was two cars. Apparently they were coming up Addison this way and going around the corner here,” Limandri said.

More than a dozen gunshots, police say, pierced three homes and one vehicle on Addison Road. A shattered window is now covered with duct tape and bullet holes are clearly visible in the siding of several houses.

“It was 15 or 20. One of them was an automatic, an AR-15, and the other, according to police, was a pistol because of the rounds they found at other houses,” Limandri said.

One of Limandri’s neighbors, who asked that we not show his face or use his name, said he was startled awake by the commotion.

“I have never been in the military but I felt like I was in a war zone,” the man said.

He told us he has faith in police to find the people responsible.

“I do feel like police presence in this area has been lacking, but I think that they are trying now to do more,” he said.

Limandri joked that he’s escaped death twice. He’s battling bone cancer and almost took a bullet to the head this week.

“Lightning rarely strikes twice in the same place,” Limardri said, “so I’m probably safe now for a while.”

If anyone has information in relation to this incident, call Hampton Police Division at 757-727-6111 or submit the tip anonymously at p3tips.com.