HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) — As police continue to search for missing 4-year-old Codi Bigsby, 10 On Your Side investigators are looking to learn more about the circumstances surrounding his disappearance in Hampton.

Court documents uncovered by our team on Tuesday show an assault allegation made in 2018 against Cory Bigsby, Codi’s father. The assault claim was made by Codi’s mother.

She told police that during a fight, Cory Bigsby threatened to kill her. When she defended herself by grabbing a knife, Bigsby bit and choked her, according to the court documents.

The charge was nolle prossed, meaning it will not proceed in court unless further evidence comes to light. An official source tells WAVY-TV 10 that the reason for doing so is because the victim, Codi’s mom, refused to cooperate or appear in court multiple times.

On Tuesday, when asked about a history of neglect within the Bigsby home, Hampton Police Chief Mark Talbot declined to comment. He did say he was interested in continuing to speak with Codi’s parents.

“We continue to speak to the people responsible for Codi’s safety,” he said. “They’re still talking to us, they’re still answering our questions. We believe they are the key to figuring out where he is or where he might be.”