HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) – A judge issued a continuance Tuesday on a motion from Cory Bigsby’s defense attorneys to suppress certain evidence before trial.

Tuesday afternoon, the father of Codi Bigsby, a Hampton 4-year-old boy reported missing in January, appeared via video in a Hampton Circuit Court.

Cory Bigsby faces 30 charges, including child neglect and abuse. These charges are not related to the disappearance of his son.

His defense team, led by Curtis Brown, filed a motion to suppress the interrogation video of Bigsby from the night his son went missing.

As part of the motion, his attorneys filed 10 subpoenas: six for Hampton Police officers and four for FBI agents. All 10 people are believed to have been involved in the interrogation of Bigsby.

The court was supposed to hear from the ten witnesses called by the defense, however, procedural errors prevented the court from hearing the defense’s argument.

A U.S. Attorney told the judge defense attorneys did not follow proper federal guidelines in their attempt to get the four FBI agents to take the stand.

“We need those FBI agents to be there […] in the case,” said Brown outside the courtroom. “So it’s why we have to have them. They were there the whole time. We wouldn’t be able to get that motion suppressed unless we had all of them along with all the Hampton Police officers.”

The judge ruled to quash the four subpoenas for the federal agents and issued a continuance in the defense’s original motion to suppress the interrogation video.

This comes over 200 days since Codi was first reported missing from their Buckroe Beach apartment.

Through each passing day, Codi’s memory doesn’t fade as seen in the showing of supporters, like Charese Howard and Nancy Strickland, promising to be his voice.

“Someone has to be the voice and half the time we got adults who don’t even know how to handle their own selves. But you have a child that can’t defend themselves,” said Howard. “You have children who can’t defend themselves. And my heart breaks. People ask where’s the parents of the child of Codi. We can’t dictate what people need to be doing as grown adults. We just can’t, but we have to speak up for the children.”

Strickland, the Vice President of United We Stand of Hampton Roads, continues to organize searches for Codi and says she won’t give up until Codi comes home.

“We won’t stop. We will not stop until we get Justice for Codi Bigsby and those babies, and we will not stop searching for Codi Bigsby,” said Strickland.

Bigsby will be back in court for the continued motion on October 13 at 1 p.m. and his trial date has been set for November 7.