HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) — The parents of missing Hampton 4-year-old Codi Bigsby are considered persons of interest after the child was reported missing Monday morning from an apartment complex in the Buckroe area of the city, triggering a major law enforcement search that now includes the public’s help.

The search stretched into a second frigid and cold night in Hampton Tuesday.

Police Chief Mark Talbot said that evidence hasn’t matched stories they’ve received from Codi Bigsby’s father about when Codi was last seen. Talbot and police spokesperson Sgt. Reggie Williams could not share what that specific evidence was in a press conference Tuesday morning.

“We probably won’t know for certain how much is being left out until we find this child,” Talbot said.

Hampton police confirmed they were searching the Hampton/NASA Steam Plant as “an element of the comprehensive search” Tuesday afternoon and evening.

The steam plant is the same location where 2-year-old Noah Tomlin was found dead in July 2019 in an unrelated case. He also was first reported missing in the Buckroe Beach area of the city.

Cory Bigsby said he last saw his son at 2 a.m. Monday, and he reported the child missing after 9 a.m. Codi lived with his father at a Buckroe Pointe apartment in the 100 block of Ranalet Drive full-time.

10 On Your Side is still working to learn more about the child’s mother, who police say is from Washington D.C., including when was the last time she saw her son. Talbot did not have those details when asked by WAVY’s Andy Fox, and police have not publicly shared her name.

Watch the full Tuesday morning briefing below:

Though Bigsby’s father and mother are both considered persons of interest, Talbot said there’s still no information that makes police believe Codi Bigsby was abducted at this time (which Talbot says would trigger an Amber Alert). Talbot added during the briefing that he did not want to comment on whether there was a history of neglect.

When asked if he believes Codi Bigsby is still alive, Talbot replied: “we will work as if he’s out there, waiting for us to find him.”

Police are looking for any information such as surveillance video from the public surrounding the case from noon Sunday to 9 a.m. Monday.

50 volunteers were initially requested to help search for Codi, and all spots were quickly taken. Talbot said Codi is still likely still near the area of the Buckroe Pointe townhomes where he was reported missing.

10 On Your Side spoke with a woman who volunteered to help with the search all day. She said when she heard the news about Codi, it reminded her of Noah Tomlin and she knew she wanted to help.

“I have a 4-year-old granddaughter and I couldn’t imagine not being able to find my baby. I could not imagine. Any, any help would be appreciated pertaining to it being a baby, you know. Umm, anybody with a heart would want to come out and help,” said Javonna Carroll, a search volunteer.

Authorities, including the FBI, haven’t stopped their search since the child was reported missing. He’s about 3 feet tall and was last seen in all black clothing and Spider-Man flip-flops.

Anyone who finds Codi should call 911.

On Tuesday, police remained stationed outside the apartment where Codi lives with his father and, according to a family member, three other children.

Police confirmed Bigsby is still talking to investigators. Family members said they showed up at the police station but were not allowed to see him.

10 On Your Side’s Andy Fox spoke with Cory Bigsby’s sister about the case.

Tandaleyia Butler was standing with family and friends outside the apartment in the parking lot, 

Butler met only with 10 On Your Side. We told her what the chief said about stories not adding up.

“I wasn’t here. My thing, I know my brother loved his children. When it came to his chastising his children, he was a cream puff. The most he would do is raise his voice. He didn’t put his hands on his children,” she said.

When asked if there was any chance he brought harm to Codi, she was adamant with her answer.

“Not a chance. I don’t believe it for a second,” she said. “They are going to have to prove it, because I know my brother. I know my brother and I know it’s not true. it is not true.” 

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