HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) — A Hampton family says their camper is damaged after someone crashed into it and drove off.

The camper was parked in the family’s driveway. It was not on the street.

When the family saw the surveillance video of what happened, they were shocked.

“He crosses over the centerline, comes up the curb, drives down the sidewalk in between the tree and the light pole, and just runs into the front of our camper,” said owner Beth Ferguson. “Doesn’t stop, doesn’t swerve, nothing. Continues driving through the front yard, down the curb and away he went.”

Beth and J.P. Ferguson were both at work when their neighbors called, wondering why their camper was in their front yard. When they looked at the surveillance video, they were stunned.

“I was just shocked, like I was shocked that the car wasn’t still sitting in my front yard. I was shocked that somebody was able to do this, push it into a tree and just drive off,” said Beth Ferguson. “When they pulled it up on the video, I just knew it was going to be something big like an SUV, a Tahoe or a Yukon or a truck. No, it was a little sedan.”

The driver of the dark purple Mazda left some souvenirs behind, including the plastic casing of the passenger side mirror.

“That’s the color of the vehicle, this is the passenger-side mirror that was knocked off by the pole that he so graciously skidded past,” said Beth Ferguson.

The driver also caused damage to the camper, both inside and outside.

“I was devastated,” said J.P. Ferguson. “We love this thing.”

They’re working with their insurance company, hoping to get the camper repaired or replaced. Because of COVID-19, they know it could get costly.

“The problem now is since COVID, everybody has bought campers. Camping has become very popular,” said Beth Ferguson.

They estimate the camper costs $12,000 and aren’t sure what a new one might cost.

However, they first would like to see the person responsible fess up.

“That’s the biggest thing for us,” said J.P Ferguson. “Just own up to it.”

The Fergusons are grateful their kids weren’t playing outside when this happened.