HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) — People in a Hampton neighborhood are concerned about someone trapping cats. One woman’s cat was seriously injured after being caught in a foothold trap.

Bethanie Kindig’s cat Fluttershy went missing from their home Monday night. After days of searching, she found her beloved pet nearby, unable to free herself from a trap. 

Fluttershy’s leg was in very bad shape. 

“I panicked. I was upset and panicked,” Kindig said. “I didn’t know what was done to my cat or if she was even going to be alive when we took it off.”

Fluttershy survived, but with deep cuts where the trap clamped down. She was taken to the veterinarian the next morning. Doctors are working to save her leg, but Bethanie says there’s a strong chance they’ll have to amputate. 

Bethanie called Hampton Police then animal control. She said a game warden was going to return it to its owner because the trap isn’t illegal.

One of Bethanie’s neighbors contacted 10 On Your Side late Friday and said the warden brought the trap to him, but the trap was not his.

Hampton Police told 10 On Your Side the matter is under investigation by Hampton Animal Control and the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries.

“It’s super frustrating because why would you need that kind of trap in Hampton? There’s no reason, there literally is not one,” said Kindig. “Maybe if we lived in the country, but we don’t. No, we live in a city.” 

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