HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) — An Air Force veteran in Hampton has a heartfelt thank you to the good Samaritan who returned his lost wallet, with all its valuable contents.

Every morning A.G. Hughes and his wife carmen go for a walk along Buckroe Beach.

Hughes says the walks are quiet, peaceful moments where they can start their day connected to nature.

The walks also have purpose. Each day the Hughes also take time to pick up the trash that litters the sand.

It was during one of these walks Hughes realized he dropped his wallet somewhere along the way.

“We tried to circle around and check back over again, ask all the lifeguards if anyone turned it in. Then we went home, started to cancel our credit cards,” explained Hughes.

In the middle of canceling credit cards and figuring out how to order a new driver’s license, Hughes received a call from an unknown number. On the other end of the line was a man Hughes had never met named Ben Spencer.

Spencer had found the wallet, and did a quick google search on the driver’s license. He found Hughes’s number and gave him a call.

10 On Your Side spoke with Spencer briefly over the phone. He said there was never any other option for him than to return the wallet with all of the contents, including nearly $400 of cash.

“Thank God and there are still good people in this world,” said Hughes. “Especially with all that’s going on with the pandemic, the political stuff we’re all going through, and just a bad time, and he still had a good heart and was still an honest person even during these hard times which made me feel good.”

Hughes tried to give Spencer a small cash reward, Spencer said the simple “thank you” was more than enough. So, Hughes came up with an idea of how to pay it forward.

“When they have the St. Jude’s Dream House Giveaway, we’re going to donate $100 dollars. That’s the way to pay it forward and hopefully someone else will also.”