NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) – Fire Departments from Newport News, Suffolk and Norfolk, along with the Coast Guard, rescued two people Tuesday from an adrift 75-foot fishing trawler that broke loose from anchorage east of the Monitor Merrimac Bridge-Tunnel Tuesday morning and was on a possible collision course with it.

The fishing vessel, according to a Facebook post from Suffolk Fire & Rescue, was drifting toward the bridge due to 20 to 30 mph northeast winds. Using SFR Fireboat 1, it helped with the rescue. Units on the scene were able to regain control of the vessel and get it anchored again.

A post from the Newport News Fire Department said staff aboard its Fireboat 1 helped the Coast Guard with the rescue and prevented it from striking the bridge and causing possible other hazards.

They were able to get the two people on the vessel safely removed and put on the Coast Guard’s watercraft, according to the Newport News Fire Department, and they secured the adrift vessel and turned it over to the Coast Guard and the Port of Virginia.