ONLEY, Va. (WAVY) — A McDonald’s restaurant located in Onley on the Eastern Shore was recently renovated, but one local noticed something odd about a map it had on its wall.

The map, which appears as though it was intended to be art, showed the state of Virginia in bold, but it was missing Virginia’s Eastern Shore. Oh, the irony!

The famous McDonald’s golden arch was stamped on the Northern Neck region of the map, as if to imply that’s where this restaurant was located.

William Ellis pointed out the error and posted it to his social media. The posts received a lot of attention. Later, he posted photos of him spraypainting the Eastern Shore onto the map.

Governor Ralph Northam, an Eastern Shore native himself, had a better idea.

Northam brought the McDonald’s in Onley a new map of the state, one that included the Eastern Shore. With the help of William, he presented the map to the restaurant.

While citizens of the Eastern Shore are used to the unfortunate dilemma of being left off the map, they can sleep better at night knowing one map has been fixed and Northam will always be there to save the day!