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Good Samaritan helps save Portsmouth deacon left for dead at bus stop

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) -- A Portsmouth deacon was left for dead at a bus stop, until a good Samaritan stepped in and ultimately saved his life. Deacon Melvin Pittman was injured and found unresponsive on Monday April 8, according to his sister Cathy Dancy.

Dancy believes her brother would have died had it not been for a hero who found him near a bus stop on Victory Blvd. and called police. 

Dancy says the community at Olive Branch Baptist Church in Portsmouth and so many others have been wondering where Deacon Melvin has been. 

'[They ask] where is Melvin? Why hasn't he been around? From the Salvation Army down the street to children at the Kings Daughters Hospital," said Dancy. "I knew something was wrong. It's not like him not to come home."

One week ago, Dancy called her brother's phone, but she received no response. Dancy waited 24 hours, and before she was ready to file a missing persons report, she called Bon Secours Maryview Medical Center.

"When I called the hospital, they said we have a Melvin Pittman in here in ICU, so when I went to ICU, he was laying there with tubes and everything with him."

His sister says doctors told her he was found unresponsive, but the person who called police and saved the deacon has yet to be found. 

"I want to just thank them for even finding my brother just laying there, and even calling the paramedics to report my brother was dead," said Dancy. "He is out of the ICU now. We will be glad when they release him to come home with me. I had two brothers, one died in '93 and I buried him, and this is the last brother that I have. He is alive and he is doing very well."

The deacon's sister says her brother remembers nothing from the incident. Dancy says it is not clear what happened to her brother as of now. 

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