GLOUCESTER COUNTY, Va. (WAVY) — Gloucester County officials are warning motorists after a vehicle crashed into emergency vehicles while they were responding to an incident over the weekend.

According to members of the Gloucester Volunteer Fire and Rescue Squad, the crash occurred just before 6 p.m. on Sunday.

Officials from Gloucester Volunteer Fire & Rescue, Gloucester Sheriff’s Office and Virginia State Police were on the scene of a separate crash in the 8500 block of George Washington Memorial Highway.

All of the emergency vehicles at the scene had their emergency lights on and traffic headed southbound was being funneled from the right-hand lane to the passing lane.

A Gloucester Rescue truck was blocking traffic in the right lane, and a deputy’s vehicle was parked in front of the rescue truck.

The deputy had just entered his vehicle to leave the scene when a vehicle attempting to pass the scene ran into the rear of the rescue truck, completely spun around the truck, and struck the deputy’s vehicle before resting on the southbound lanes heading north.

Officials say the vehicle “narrowly missed” striking Gloucester Volunteer Fire personnel who were at the scene.

Fire Prevention Officer Tony Villan used the incident to remind motorists to be mindful when approaching crash scenes while bringing up the “move over” which mandates drivers to slow down and switch lanes when approaching accident scenes, disabled vehicles being attended to by tow trucks, and workers engaged in road construction

“Next time you approach an accident scene, think of how you would feel if you were the one out there helping people and someone in a hurry having complete disregard for your safety comes crashing into the scene severely injuring or killing you or one of your loved ones,” said Villan.

“While we’re grateful that no one was hurt, one or more of the people operating on scene could have been killed.”

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