Pumpkin thieves caught on camera in Gloucester


GLOUCESTER, Va. (WAVY) – Two people were caught on camera taking pumpkins from a lot in Gloucester.

“I said wow I couldn’t believe that. I had to look a couple of times, I had to zoom in a couple of times.”

But zooming in doesn’t change the fact that a woman and what looks like a young boy stole from Mis Bush Sunday evening.

Twister Ice Cream and Coffee reported the incident happened around 6:45 Sunday evening.

“I have the ring app and I have another wireless camera I also have two camera over there too,” she said.

In a video that’s circulating online, a woman and what appears to be a child can be seen walking around a pumpkin patch Sunday night outside Twister Ice Cream and Coffee in Gloucester. The woman suddenly grabs a large size pumpkin then the duo runs to their truck.

A couple seconds pass before the boy opens the passenger door, exits and runs back to the patch to pick up his own small size pumpkin before speeding back inside the vehicle.

“Could you imagine what could happen if we teach kids that stealing is okay. It may be a pumpkin today, maybe 10 years from now it may be a car, so that’s what I was thinking,” said Bush.

The video, posted by Twister Ice Cream and Coffee, has angered many viewers online. It has been shared more than 200 times and has almost 10,000 views.

“I guess they all have the same feeling as i have especially when you have young kids involved in this kind of crime,” she said.

Police say they apologized and just didnt have the money – SO Mis won’t press charges

“You know I have young kids too I don’t like to do people do bad I like the people to get along. But my main thing is I want him to do the best, I don’t want him to go into the wrong direction you know, a lot of young kids now they are in trouble and i feel for them,” she said.

But she doesnt expect to see them any time soon

“I just feel like thy should not come on this property because if you committed one they probably are not going to feel comfortable I don’t feel comfortable,” she added.

Mis Bush will have them banned officially but says if anyone is ever in the same situation, just come on in and they can work something out.

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