GLOUCESTER, Va. (WAVY) — It’s something Gloucester locals said they didn’t expect in their town, rifles being openly carried during a protest at a school facility.

On Saturday, about five armed men stood outside Thomas Calhoun Walker Education Center to protest something that happened at the building about a month prior.

On July 11, Trevor Herrin attended a Gloucester County School Board meeting and said his tire was slashed at a previous meeting.

Herrin and three others with him carried concealed weapons. After they left the meeting, their weapons were taken and they were handed gun charges. The decision sparked outrage among some, including Mike Dunn, a known right-wing militia figurehead.

Dunn planned a protest, saying that officers had violated Herrin’s Second Amendment rights.

He made a social media post saying, “We will protest on August 19th and try to force them to perform arrests.”

The protest was supposed to be held right outside the Gloucester County Sheriff’s Office, however, the location was moved last minute to TC Walker. A couple of hecklers joined Dunn and his supports at the protest.

While one man berated Dunn from afar, one woman walked up to him to express her opposition to his actions. Gloucester deputies were not in attendance.

The Gloucester County Sheriff’s Office said they were aware of the protest when it was supposed to take place right outside their doors.

Through a Facebook post they said they’d, “Taken the necessary measures to help ensure that these individuals are able to express their rights peacefully.”

Major Ryan Cookson said that after they were notified that the protest was moved, they monitored it remotely, instead of being present.

They received no calls for service and Cookson said it was after hours, no one was at the school facility, and no one reported being threatened. He said he was glad it ended peacefully.

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