(WAVY) — It’s a warning many of us have been told: “If you’re running low on fuel, cut extra amenities to conserve your gas, like your air conditioning or radio.” With today’s gas prices nearing $5 a gallon, we’re doing everything we can to conserve fuel.

Is cutting those amenities actually worth it though? Well, it depends on your car and the year it was made.

Fact or Fiction?

10 On Your Side went right to the experts to “Fuel the Facts” about what’s worth doing to conserve gasoline. The answer to this question was a bit loaded, which AAA’s Holly Dalby admits right off the bat.

“You know, the more things running in your car, the more energy it needs to run them. So in one respect, yes,” Dalby told 10 On Your Side. “But with today’s efficient vehicles, the amount of fuel needed to run your air conditioning, your radio, and stuff, is not having the impact that it would have 20 years ago when your mother’s cousin’s brother told you to do that.”

Long story short, the older the car, the more impact running your AC or radio may have. When a vehicle gets older, they generally become less fuel efficient in comparison to newer cars hitting the lots.

Additionally, if not maintained properly, your car’s fuel efficiency could decrease over the years. One of the many reasons it’s important to stay on top of your car’s recommended maintenance.

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