FRANKLIN, Va. (WAVY) — Just one day. One day without violence. 

That’s the message organizers hoped to spread with the July 4th “Stop The Violence” rally in Franklin. 

Dozens of parents, children and community leaders marched through the town streets, stopping along the way in areas where different shootings had taken place.

“The only way you’re going to take your community back is by taking responsibility for your community,” said Councilman Linwood Johnson, the organizer of the event. 

Representatives from different community groups as well as the local food bank were there to show support for the “Just One Day” message.

“Just one day. One day with no one shooting anyone, just one day with no one hurting anyone. No violence at all,” Johnson said.  

Scheduling the march for Independence Day was no accident, Johnson said.

“To make a statement on Independence Day that we need to free ourselves from violence. Free ourselves from domestic situations. Free ourselves from problems that COVID has seeped into our community,” he said.

The Friendly Riders Motorcycle Club led the march with several different riders in the front of the line.

“It’s important for us to be here because violence is all around,” said Friendly Riders president Mitch “Big Mitch” Mason. 

“Maybe we can save somebody’s life,” he said. 

There are several other anti-violence programs planned for the summer targeting children and teens in the Franklin community, Councilman Johnson said.