DETROIT (WAVY) – After Vinnie Pasquantino was tagged out at second base, the umpires signaled a review – his first hit had gone over the wall instead.

What was initially ruled as a fair ball turned out to be a home run. Coming into the Royals’ game against the Detroit Tigers without a hit, Pasquantino came away from the fourth with his first run as well.

Pasquantino was called up to the majors on June 27. He would join the Kansas City Royals against the Texas Rangers in his first series. The Richmond native was drafted to the Royals back in 2019 and spent the next few years playing for their various minor league affiliates.

Before his major league debut, Pasquantino played for the Omaha Storm Chasers at the beginning of the 2022 season. There he scored 51 runs through 69 games. Despite batting a .280 in AAA ball, he had an on-base-percentage of .948.

Pasquantino played college ball for Old Dominion University for two years: 2017 and 2019. In his final season with ODU, he had 68 hits from 225 at-bats. That year, he also had 16 home runs, a career-high before joining the minors.

With his first hit in the majors, Pasquantino no has a batting average of .111 but is slugging at a .444. Pasquantino and the Royals will have two more games in Detroit before traveling to Houston to face the Astros.