HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) – A local musician is using his art to try to motivate a change in gun control laws. Bobby BlackHat Walters’ latest release comes on the heels of the school shooting at Richneck Elementary and is directed at Congress.

This is not the first time BlackHat has called out government officials in song, but this time it’s personal.

“When I got the call from my daughter that said there had been a shooting at Richneck, it didn’t process. … I mean I bolted out of the house like a rocket. At that moment my thing was, ‘Where is my granddaughter? How do I get to her? Is she OK? I’m goin’ in.'”

Terrified, Bobby BlackHat and other Richneck families waited for their babies to come out of the school on Jan. 6. His granddaughter- just 6 years old – is in kindergarten.

“She said, Pop-Pop something in our school is broke,” he told WAVY.

Bobby wrote his new song, to talk about the fix.

The Lyrics begin, “Congress, do something dammit – you know what must be done.”

He told us he wants to be a voice for the voiceless.

“I’ve had more people say ‘Yes! Yes! Yes!’ You said exactly what I was thinking,” BlackHat said.

His song to Congress begs the question – “When will you love our children, as much as you love your guns?”

He hopes the words reach those with the power to make change.

“I may not be able to change a lot of minds, but if I can change one mind, that might be the one vote that gets it done,” he said.

And change, BlackHat said, must come quickly, before the next grandfather is called to the next school shooting.

You can hear Bobby’s full song, what he calls a plea for common sense gun control, by clicking this link.