VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Children across the area will are gearing up to celebrate Halloween. However, for children on the autism spectrum, the flashing lights and saying, ‘trick or treat’, can be overwhelming.

Dos and Donts for Halloween

Autism advocates want people to know that some children may carry a blue pumpkin bucket or give you a ‘Halloween Trick or Treat Card Cutout’.  It is an outward sign to let others know that have a different ability. Advocates recommend allowing ‘trick or treaters’ time to respond.

Trick or Treating schedule sample 

“There might be a delay in response time for an individual with autism or a developmental disability,” said Nicole Miller with the Autism Society Tidewater Virginia. “Maybe the parent is prompting them to say trick or treat or maybe they are nonverbal, and they are not able to say trick or treat. So, you want to respect the communication.”  

Tick or Treating Cards

Experts recommend parents talk with children about what to expect, teach them rules about trick or treating, and even have a dress rehearsal with their costumes.