HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) — The preliminary hearing for the father of missing Hampton 4-year-old Codi Bigsby was held Monday morning, during which it was determined there was enough evidence to send his case to a grand jury.

Cory Bigsby has not been charged directly in his son’s disappearance, but does face seven felony child neglect charges after police say he admitted to leaving his young children home alone.

Bigsby was arrested after Codi was reported missing on January 31. 

Kevin Kulp with the Hampton Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office, called on four witnesses; a Walmart loss prevention specialist, two car dealership employees and the new lead detective Steve Rodey.

Walmart security camera video shows Cory in Walmart alone on January 25. Cory admitted to police he left his four young kids home alone that day.

Another video from a car dealership in Norfolk shows Cory with one child on December 13th.

Detective Rodey confirms Cory was away from his 3 youngest kids for 6 hours that day.

The 20-year veteran detective confirms Cory admitted to leaving the young kids at home alone while napping. He adds Cory called the kids “too much of a handful” and he did not think about getting a babysitter.

Cory’s family members were very emotional in the courtroom. 

“Just to see him looking that rough like that, he lost a lot of weight. It broke me down,” said a man who identifies as Cory’s cousin.

His sister and aunt believe he is being treated unjustly. 

“I think he’s overcharged, while other criminals are walking around free. This is just injustice at its best.”

Cory’s new attorney Amina Matheny-Willard argues the felony child neglect charges are extreme.

“He didn’t feel like it was unlawful, there are no injuries to the kids, there has never been any injury to the kids,” said Amina Matheny-Willard, Cory Bigsby attorney.

Codi is still missing.

His family says the other children are now in foster care.

The case heads to the grand jury in July.