COROLLA, N.C. (WAVY) — The Corolla Wild Horse Fund is chirping with joy after the recent birth of its newest foal, Cricket.

Cricket is the sixth foal born in 2022. Sadly, one of those foals died unexpectedly last month. The fund’s still waiting on the results of his necropsy.

All of this year’s foals have C names (Cricket, Cyclone, Cedar, etc.)

The fund also reminded the public to stay away Cricket and her mother to avoid stressing them.

“Please remember to give the horses plenty of space! Crowding new mothers can cause stress that may lead to all sorts of complications, including abandoning foals, the fund said on Facebook. “They need time to bond, rest, recover, and grow. Please stay 50ft (or more!) away at all times.”

Also remember to not feed the horses apples — or anything else for that matter. The fund announced just this week that law enforcement cited people recently for feeding the horses. A young horse named Danny died back in 2020 after being fed an apple.

“Please do not be selfish and short-sighted. Your actions have long-lasting consequences that our organization, our community, and the herd have to deal with after you go home. Losing one horse out of a population of only 100 is a devastating blow, the effects of which last for generations.”

The fund says its herd is actually still below the minimum set limit (no fewer than 110 and no more than 130).

“We are not even at our minimum right now, so plenty of room to grow!”

In the meantime, they’re enjoying watching Cricket — and her little kicks!