COROLLA, N.C. (WAVY) — On #GivingTuesday, Corolla Wild Horse Fund (CWHF) is raising money to feed rescued horses. 

“While our goal is to keep every horse wild and free for the entirety of its life, sometimes that’s not possible. If a horse has to be removed from the wild due to sickness, injury, or any other reason, it will find permanent sanctuary at the CWHF rescue farm on the mainland,” said Corolla Wild Horse Fund on their Facebook. 

Many of the horses they’ve rescued have special dietary needs or medical conditions that require constant care. 

“We work very hard to make sure each horse is happy, enriched, and healthy based on that individual horse’s needs,” they said. 

Corolla Wild Horse Fund feeds their horses organic brome grass hay that they’ve tested to ensure the rescues are getting the necessary sugars and calories. The hay is also similar to what the banker horses would eat in the wild. CWHF allows horses to graze on a 24 hour basis to prevent stomach ulcers, and feeds able-bodied horse hay in nets, to mimic natural foraging behavior and prevent them from becoming overweight.  

“We’ve found that feeding a high quality hay keeps these horses healthier and happier than adding extra calories through grain or other supplements, and in the long run reduces vet bills,” CWHF writes. 

You can make a donation to CWHF online here, or mail a check to CWHF, PO Box 361, Corolla NC 27927, with a note about Giving Tuesday.  

CWHF is also hosting a holiday open house at the farm on December 10. More information is available here