CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — Congressman Bobby Scott delivered a $3 million check Thursday during a ceremony in Chesapeake toward the city’s first public pool.

After 60 years since its establishment, the city of Chesapeake will finally get its first public pool using these funds.

“I’m pleased that the city of Chesapeake will be able to open, what I understand, is the first public pool with these funds,” Scott said.

Mayor Rick West said this is a way of fulfilling a promise made years ago.

Chesapeake was trying to keep up with road and utility infrastructures, schools at over capacity and can now focus on making quality of life improvements, Deputy City Manager Brian Solis said.

The pool will be located near South Norfolk. Photos were on hand at the ceremony to give folks an idea of what the final project will look like.

“This is a great opportunity to expose everyone — from our elderly, all the way down to kids even before they learn to walk — to water,” Solis said. “To get comfortable with it, and not only for just recreation, but at the core of life-saving opportunities to just learn to swim.”

The project is estimated to cost $20 million, to be funded by state, federal and local contributions. While this project is still in the design and planning stage, the city hopes to have it finished in about two years.

“This is an excellent opportunity for children to have something constructive to do with their time during the summer, and also learn a life-saving skill — learning how to swim,” Scott said. “Drowning is a leading causes of death, especially amongst young children, and so this is a great opportunity for the city.”

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