NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) — The Virginia Living Museum announced the death of a longtime resident last week.

23-year-old Coco the bobcat had been with the museum since 2005 after initially being kept as an illegal pet.

The museum says Coco was resilient and had a zest for life despite health challenges, and surpassed the typical lifespan for bobcats in captivity (about 18 years).

“Her recent decline due to age-related medical complications common in cats, including progressive kidney disease and a recent decline in mobility, prompted our veterinary team to make the difficult but compassionate decision to humanely euthanize her,” staff announced on Facebook. “… her long and active life is a testament to the exceptional care and dedication of our keepers and veterinary staff. Her role as an ambassador for her species was immeasurable, captivating the hearts of visitors, staff, and volunteers.”

In positive news, the museum just recently broke ground on a Wild Care Center that will open to the public next summer, giving people an even better view of the 250-plus species that live there.