CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — It’s an operation that takes a whole lot of manpower.

“Getting Chubby’s on location is about 55 trips,” said Chad Mapes.

Mapes and his family put together Chubby’s Pumpkin Festival every year.

“It is fall again, which means, it is Chubby season,” smiled Mapes.

The rides, slides and pumpkins are ready to go. You can find it off Battlefield Boulevard South in Chesapeake starting Friday. They’re opening up a little earlier than usual this year as the slightly cooler temps roll into this weekend.

“This year not only do we have more rides, not only do we have more inflatables … but yes we do have a collaboration with a local brewery we are very excited about,” Mapes said.

He’s talking about the new partnership with Three Notch’d Brewing Company in Virginia Beach. With his pumpkins, and their expertise, they’re creating a pumpkin ale.

“We’re going to use blue pumpkins, roast them, kind of puree them down and put them in the beer,” said Courtney Outlaw, general manager for Three Notch’d.

You’ll soon be able to get a swig of that fall-flavored beer at Chubby’s and Three Notch’d Brewing in Town Center, and the best part is, all the beer money spent at the festival will go to a good cause.

George Spence and Adam Wallace of Chesapeake’s Helping Hands work with a local church to turn that cash into holiday love.

“All the proceeds go to adding toys at Christmas time for a local community … we’re one of the only shows in town serving adult beverages along with the pumpkin patch so come out, support a good cause and another local business as well,” Spence said.

Even if alcohol isn’t your thing, you can still stop by on the weekends to donate.

“We can’t do this without Hampton Roads coming out and having fun with us, we love y’all, we appreciate y’all. Anything we can do to make lives better, we’re here for it,” said Mapes.