CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) – If there’s one thing 5-year-old Jason Jones loves more than super hero movies, it’s riding his Batman bike.

The take off is a little wobbly, but once he gets going there’s no stopping this little guy.

“I get to ride fast and I just got a new bike and it looks cool and I get to move my legs,” said Jason.

However, on December 3, those wheels were brought to a screeching halt near his home off Warbler Court in Chesapeake.

“None of us realized the car was backing in; we all yelled stop and we ran but we just couldn’t run fast enough,” said Jason’s mom, Coreen Buntting.

Police say a neighbor backed their jeep into a driveway, pinning Jason under the tire. His mom saw it all happen and ran to help along with a few neighbors.

“He didn’t know who anybody was. He wasn’t actually listening or acknowledging that we were there, so I still from that point thought I might never talk to him again,” recalled Buntting.

He spent over a week in the hospital, healing a long list of injuries, like broken ribs and collapsed lungs.

“Since I had the helmet on, my brain is just fine, but everything else was broken,” Jason told 10 On Your Side.

A week after getting out of CHKD, he was ready to go back to Kindergarten. Then shortly after that, asking to get back on his bike, in true super hero fashion.

“I was scared he’d never want to ride his bike again and like you said I’m the one who’s more nervous than he is like it’s in the past it’s fine,” smiled Buntting.

Jason says his speedy recovery has less to do with his strength and more to do with safety.

“Put on your helmet!” he shouted.

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