CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — B.M. Williams Primary School decided to dismiss students early Tuesday, as police investigated bomb threats against the school and several individuals in Chesapeake.

The school is located at 1100 N. Battlefield Blvd. A sign on the front door Tuesday morning stated it was on a level one lockdown. The Chesapeake Department is leading the investigation surrounding the threat with Virginia State Police assisting.

While WAVY was there, several parents arrived and started to line up outside the school.

A level one lockdown means that there is a threat (shooter, criminal, etc.) nearby, but not necessarily targeting the school itself.

B.M. Williams Primary School is the school where the now-infamous After School Satan Club held its first meeting just days prior to the bomb threats. Officials said although a motive for the threat is uncertain, the email did give reference to the club.

A school spokesman addressed the investigation in a message to B.M. Williams families at 11:30 a.m. Tuesday.

“Early this morning,  we received an anonymous email with a bomb threat. The Fire-Marshal and Chesapeake Police Department were immediately contacted to investigate the concern.  As an additional precaution, students were evacuated while the building was assessed.  Unfortunately, the building assessment is taking longer than initially anticipated. As a result, we will have an early dismissal at 12 p.m. today and all after school activities will be canceled.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

All bus riders will be returned home by their bus.  Car riders should be picked up by parents or guardians at the front of the building in the pick up line and will be supervised until pickup. Please have your identification ready if you are picking up your child.

Thank you for your support as we continue to work together to ensure a safe learning environment for our students.  

Chris Vail, Director of Communications

WAVY News received a copy of the email threat, which was sent to a number of media outlets and other entities Tuesday morning. The text of the email mentioned threats toward three people: a Chesapeake school board member, the Chesapeake schools superintendent and the organizer of the After School Satan Club. The person who sent the email wrote “you are evil, there is no other way to put it.” It goes on to say “You promote devil worship and unIslamic values.”

Chesapeake Fire Marshals, Chesapeake Police, and the FBI will continue working to investigate the source of the threat.

No further information has been released. This is breaking news and will be updated.

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