‘The same on the inside’: ‘Eggsperiment’ teaches Chesapeake students important lesson on MLK Day


CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) – Students at one Chesapeake school learned a powerful lesson on the day the nation honored Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Although they might not be in class on the special day, students at Primrose School at Cahoon Commons in Chesapeake were all in for an unexpected lesson in diversity on Martin Luther King Day.

Staff at the school shared the beautiful moment with 10 On Your Side when their students expressed their own “I HAVE A DREAM” hopes in class.

“I have a dream to be kind to everyone,” said one student, while another wrote, “my dream is that my sister’s birthday is every day because I love her.”

Aspiring doctors, fashion designers, firefighters, dentists, rainbows, and dinosaurs filled the cloud-like poster on a classroom wall directing to a photo of Dr. King himself.

Courtesy – Primrose School at Cahoon Commons

Afterwards, the students were given eggs for a little “eggsperiment.”

Eggs and Martin Luther King Jr. together might not be the first thing most people would have in mind, however the creative faculty were planing much more than a little pastry project.

During the experiment, students discussed with their teachers the colors of their eggs, visual differences, and what the inside would look like.

However, once they were cracked, the students discovered that “the eggs were the same on the inside, just like people are all the same,” said the post.

Simple, yet though-provoking, and even more resonant on the day the country honors the legacy of the man who stood up for this exact message.

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