CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — Starting on Tuesday, school zone speed cameras will once again be active in several Chesapeake school zones. Signage warning drivers about photo enforcement is marked at each zone.

PhotoSafe Speed Enforcement is a camera system located throughout Chesapeake used to deter motorists from speeding through schools zones, according the Chesapeake website. A Chesapeake officer will review each case before a citation can be issued.

“Our community’s — and particularly our children’s — safety is our number one priority and speeding through schools zones is dangerous and deadly,” the website reads.

Speed enforcement citations come with a fine, but no points are used against an individual’s driver’s license, and no report will be made to insurance providers.

Chesapeake doesn’t allow for in-person payments for citations.

To view the violation video evidence and to pay a violation by credit card, visit and enter the citation number, and the vehicle license plate number.

Pay Online:

Pay By Mail: Send a check to the PHOTOSafe Payment Center:

PhotoSafe Chesapeake
Payment Center
P.O. Box 76999
Cleveland, OH 44101

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