CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) – The Chesapeake Police Department is investigating a police pursuit that ended in a fatal crash.

Virginia State Police assisted Chesapeake PD and will be handling the crash investigation only, while Chesapeake PD investigates the reason for the pursuit, according to a press release

On, January 22, the Virginia State Police communication center received a call from Chesapeake PD about a police unit that was in pursuit of a suspect driving a 2021 Dodge Challenger on I-664 headed through the Monitor Merrimac Bridge Tunnel.

According to Chesapeake police, the pursuit began after the suspect failed to stop for a traffic violation.

The state police units helped the Chesapeake PD by giving the locations of the pursuit to the communications center as police pursued the suspect.

During the pursuit the suspect exited the interstate, traveling through Hampton, Newport News, and York County before entering the interstate again at a high rate of speed.

The suspect lost control of the vehicle, ran off the road into the jersey wall, back into traffic and then into the opposite jersey wall.

Chesapeake police say the pursuit lasted approximately 38 minutes thetop speed of the vehicle reached 130 mph.

The suspect was identified as 21-year-old, Tilek Qualil Alston of Newport News, who was not wearing a seatbelt and died upon impact.

Chesapeake police say the vehicle Alston was driving was reported stolen and that liquor bottles, drugs, and a firearm were located in the vehicle after the crash. Police also say Alston’s driver’s license was also revoked.