CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — A teacher’s assistant was assaulted by a student in a classroom Tuesday at Oscar Smith High School and WAVY News 10 has obtained video that shows the incident.

In a voice message to families Tuesday, Oscar Smith Principal Paul Joseph said first responders reported to OSHS earlier in the day for a “medical emergency involving the assault of a staff member.”

The principal said students have been circulating a video of the incident online. 10 On Your Side tracked down that video and received permission to use it in our coverage. We have muted the video and blurred the faces of everyone seen in the classroom.

The school is working with the Chesapeake Police Department to investigate the assault.

Police confirmed the video below is of the incident. Detective Stephen Weir said the woman dressed in all black is the assistant teacher and the girl in the white shirt was the student accused in the assault.

“We take these matters seriously and plan to prosecute the offender to the fullest extent of the law,” Joseph said in the message.

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The voice message continued: “Parents, I want to remind our students that acts of violence are not tolerated and will result in serious consequences. We urge you to take some time to speak with your child about school safety and discourage your child from participating in or promoting school violence. With a continued home and school partnership, we can all ensure the safety of students and staff as they enter Oscar Smith High School. Thank you for your cooperation.”

Chesapeake police responded Wednesday that they are actively investigating the assault on the school employee and said the department would release more information as it becomes available.

10 On Your Side spoke to Andrea Bowers, whose 17-year-old son was in the classroom when the incident happened.

“He watched his teacher get pummeled by another child and thrown to the floor. He says his heart is broken he wants to know if his teacher is OK,” said Bowers.

Bowers is also concerned her son was directed to write a statement for the investigation without her consent.

“I was not notified that he was writing a statement. Regardless of if it is for the police, regardless of if it’s for the school, I don’t care; my son is 17, he is special needs, and nobody contacted me from that school,” explained Bowers.

Bowers said she contacted the school, but at last check, she has not heard back. She says her son was so traumatized that he did not attend school Wednesday.

10 On Your Side also received a statement from the Chesapeake Education Association which reads:

“Safety of our educators and students must be the number one priority in every school and school-system event. When a situation occurs, a full investigation must be conducted to understand the causes and actions of the event. With that, no educator or student should ever be physically attacked; this cannot continue without consequence. No victim should ever be discouraged from pressing charges. CEA will support its members when attacked, from start to finish. When safety is at the forefront of our school system, learning can take place.”

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